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I live, breath, sleep and design in cashmere. You could say I’m passionate about it. A cashmere fragrance was inevitable. It had to be. The Cashmere Mist story is extraordinary. Fifteen years ago, we created Cashmere Mist, not as its own fragrance, but as the scent for the bath and body line of our signature fragrance. The products were addictive, their scent indescribably soft, sensual and indulgent. I became obsessed with the body lotion. Like the fabric that inspired it, the Cashmere Mist Body Lotion was the only thing I wanted next to my skin. I wasn’t alone. Women everywhere asked me how they could get the scent on its own. Two years later, Cashmere Mist, the fragrance, was born. It’s been a worldwide obsession ever since. Cashmere Mist resonates with women on a personal level, and its success speaks for itself. For the 15th anniversary, we’ve created Cashmere Mist Luxe, a modern interpretation of the original. It’s truly divine. If you love cashmere, you will adore Cashmere Mist Luxe Edition, which adds a whole new layer of luxury. It’s a gift you give to yourself, an invisible layer of sensual comfort you can’t wait to wrap yourself up in. Cashmere Mist Luxe is my thank you to women for making Cashmere Mist what it is today. The seduction continues….

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