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DONNA: What’s your relationship with fashion?

ASHLEY: "I’m definitely a lover of all things fashion. My personal style is constantly evolving, from growing up a beach-bum in Jacksonville, Florida to learning how to embrace couture fashion on the red-carpet while remaining true to who I am. To date, my favorite fashion moment was this year’s MET Gala. I have never felt so beautiful and am eternally thankful to Donna for that memorable moment in my career.”

DONNA: If you could meet any woman, living or dead, who would she be and why?

ASHLEY: "Audrey Hepburn would top my list. I’m in awe of her talent, her timeless sense of style, and her devotion to charity. She’s someone I look up to tremendously and would have loved to meet.”

DONNA: Who or what inspires you creatively?

ASHLEY: "Everything! I can be inspired by a person, a place I’ve visited, a book I’ve read. For example, Alice Cullen's style was inspired by Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn.”

DONNA: What’s the best thing about getting older?

ASHLEY: "The best thing about getting older is that you really start to find yourself and understand who you are. I’m in my 20’s and every year I grow more confident in my own skin.”

DONNA: Do you have a personal motto you live by?

ASHLEY: "Be true to yourself. Especially in this industry, where there are constant pressures, I think that’s very important. I’m grateful to my parents for raising me to believe that I have no one else’s standards to live up to but my own.”

DONNA: What do you treasure most in life?

ASHLEY: "My family and friends. I treasure them most in my life and know how blessed I am to have those relationships.”

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