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BIOGRAPHY | Pamela Reeves is committed to unleashing the untapped potential of women and girls around the world, in every aspect of life. A former Senior Advisor in Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Office of Women and Girls at the Department of State, Pamela now advises companies, foundations, and non-profit organizations on public-private partnerships and on methods of developing a gender focus to achieve both business and public purpose results. Through her recent work with such dedicated groups as the Nike Foundation, the Gates Foundation and the United Nations Foundation, Pamela has seen the power that individuals, as well as large foundations and corporations, can have in advancing a stronger and more prosperous global society by supporting women and girls.

Pamela’s goal is to help communities, countries and economies thrive by harnessing the power of every person. When women and girls participate equally with men, everyone prospers. She supports both the public and private sectors as they realize the benefits of inclusion—not only, as Hillary Clinton has said, because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the smart thing to do, for growth and stability.

Prior to joining the State Department, Reeves’ work included advising the government of Abu Dhabi on gender reform; conducting leadership training for NGO leaders in Morocco; and initiating the IFES Women’s Access and Leadership program. She also served as the Human Rights Officer for the United Nations’ Mission in Liberia during that country’s civil war. During her career she has consulted for foundations, non-governmental organizations and companies who seek to initiate or strengthen their equity in international development and governance, and she has worked in two dozen countries across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Pamela holds a B.A. in International Relations from Brown University, and a M.A. in International Relations from Yale University. She was a visiting graduate scholar in Political Science at the Truman Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Pamela lives in Washington, D.C. with her family.

The Girl Effect is a platform to support girls around the world, created by the Nike Foundation, the NoVo Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and others.

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