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Jenna Doughton

ORGANIZATION | style with a cause

BIOGRAPHY | Jenna Doughton is not only the creator and founder of style with a cause, but also a fashion stylist and personal shopper based out of the Las Vegas area. Over the many years working as a fashion stylist, she has found a common denominator with many women: to believe that they deserve to put themselves first. So many women are busy being a mother, wife, sister, cheerleader, friend, philanthropist, business owner/employee and daughter that they tend to put their needs last. Seeing the importance of being able to treat ourselves, so that we can always be full enough to give to others, Jenna created style with a cause; a day to celebrate women at every turn of their journey and inspire them through fashion and beauty.

“I want style with a cause to become an international women’s platform. Every woman around the world deserves to see how unique and beautiful they are regardless of what they wish were different- even if it’s just a quick glimpse. As a busy woman, I have to remind myself of this from time to time. “ Style with a cause is a girls night out event designed to honor amazing women and what they do in their communities, pamper and reveal beauty transformations of well deserved local women, showcase the latest fashion trends and styling tricks and tips, all while hanging out with friends and making new ones. Style with a cause will always have a charity component and believes in giving back to charities and organizations that help women achieve their goals, reach their full potential and help them to see what a gift their lives truly are.

Style with a cause took flight in Las Vegas in 2012 and Jenna hopes to expand the movement around the country and internationally by 2015. Style with a cause hopes to have the support of the fashion industry creating once-in-a-lifetime fashion experiences, style with a cause exclusive fashion collaborations and products, support from publishing houses that believe in the empowerment and betterment of women, and products that have a shared aligned message to that of style with a cause. Style with a cause is a day to celebrate you and all of the wonderful people you surround yourself with. Because you are incredible and the only guarantee in life is the journey- so make it amazing!

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