Donna’s Journal


As I write this, I’m in my home looking out my window at the crane that is dangling from a high-rise building on 57th street - a larger than life, powerful machine that is hanging by a thread as a result of Hurricane Sandy’s powerful winds. I can’t help but think about how vulnerable life is, how quickly things can change and how much we all need each other.

The storm traveled from Haiti (where we were last week, read more about that here) to New York City – talk about worlds colliding! I have always said that to me New York is the world and I can’t help but feel like the state of our city is so symbolic of the chaos in the world today.

Witnessing Sandy leaves me feeling many things. I feel love and gratitude for the city that has been the inspiration for everything I do and I feel enormous compassion for my fellow New Yorkers who are without the things we so easily take for granted – food, shelter, water, light. I have never been more convinced of our need to come together as a community to take care of each other; how much we need each other! For me, this experience is a powerful call to action. Now is the time for connection.

I believe that Hurricane Sandy has offered us a moment to pause, to reflect and quite literally find the calm within the chaos. This is my prayer for you.

And to my city, New York, I love you. Always, always.