Donna’s Journal


I’ve been thinking a lot about connection lately. Connecting the dots in my own life, yes, but also connecting with you, my community.

My life is constantly buzzing with activity and while it may seem chaotic, there is a certain beauty to this chaos. From Donna Karan to DKNY to Urban Zen to my life as woman, mother, grandmother and philanthropist… there is just so much that I want to share with you. Take this last month – it’s extraordinary! From the frenzy of Fashion Week, to receiving an honor so close to my heart at the Clinton Global Initiative Global Citizen Awards, to dressing my friend and sister Barbra Streisand for her Back to Brooklyn tour, to the work I am doing to honor my late husband Stephan (more on that in a second)… I mean, it’s mind blowing! This is exactly why I have worked with my team to create this new space for us to connect. Every week I will be sharing updates from my personal diary right here and, I have to say, I am so excited to invite you into my life in this way.

You know, it was Stephan who first taught me about this philosophy of connecting the dots. Stephan, who passed away from lung cancer eleven years ago, was not only the love of my life and my partner in everything, he was also a brilliant artist. I am very proud to share that tonight we will be launching an exhibition of Stephan’s art along with the debut of a book I wrote in his honor called, “Connecting the Dots.” I have always felt Stephan’s presence most at Urban Zen (which used to be his art studio), but I have to say there is something almost magical about seeing his art on exhibition in the very workspace he used to create it. I know he’s with us and I would love for you to stop by the studio and experience a little piece of the man who remains my greatest inspiration to this day.

This diary is, in a way, a tribute to Stephan. As I continue on in the journey of my life I become only more and more convinced that it is what brings us together that matters most. I invite you to check out my diary every Tuesday to join in the ongoing adventures of my life.

Here’s to connecting the dots!