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CHARITY | Doctors Without Borders

BIOGRAPHY | Kara enjoys making bold social statements through art. Her work has substituted for commentary on slavery, and identity and gender issues that African-Americans, particularly women, face. Kara also used art to express her feelings about the government’s slow response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. She is an avid supporter of Doctors Without Borders, regarding which she says, "Like many I harbor the best intentions to do good in the world and sometimes, as with helping a friend in need, the efforts are trying and without reward. The skilled physicians of Doctors without Borders/Médicins Sans Frontiéres put their lives at risk in support of a very basic mission to extend the lives and healthfulness of people living in war zones. This is thankless work, death is ever present, political and social prejudices must be intercepted and negotiated. Hope, one would assume, might seem a distant concept at times. The idea that sparked my interest in this organization was its impartiality and outspoken advocacy for all people.”

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Photo Credit: Jaya Howey