Donna’s Journal


Another Fashion Week over… whew! I’ve just arrived in LA to dress Barbra for the Oscars, but before I get wrapped up in the celebratory awards season, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about how I’m feeling about my shows.

For me, the Donna Karan collection was about individuality, freedom and endless possibility: three words that embody the theme of my life in this moment. It was personal.

I loved the way this season came together; from look number one through the end of the show, we highlighted women of power. I wanted to convey the evolution of a signature style - a collection that has a life longer than a season.

I absolutely loved the energy of the DKNY show: the color, the set, the video, the music were all vibrant and dynamic. I thought the girls beautifully walked that fine line between youth and sophistication, which was perfect. It was fashion meeting real life and love, love, Ioved it.

DKNY is always a little more familial. I started DKNY to address the growing needs of my own family and the collection continues to draw on my maternal instincts: every season feels like I am watching my child take another step forward. I’m very proud of where DKNY is today.

I feel great about both collections and am thrilled to be taking some time in LA, basking in sunshine, spending time with Barbra and gearing up for the Oscars. Stay tuned!