Donna’s Journal


The International Artist Debuts at Our Madison Avenue Store

If I love something, I have to share it. Especially when it comes to the creative arts. So if you’re in New York City any time soon, you must, must, must get to our store at 819 Madison Avenue. We have the most amazing exhibit of artisan objects of art and desire by my dear friend, Ilana Goor. Working primarily in iron and bronze, Ilana’s uniquely handcrafted collection includes geometric and ornamental works of art, furniture, chandeliers, and sculptural objects. To see Ilana’s work is to be inspired. And I warn you, like me, you’ll want to own everything.

I first met Ilana on a trip to Israel, and we had an immediate connection. You know when you feel the soul of a person? Ilana Goor has soul. She is the essence of a creative woman – powerful and energetic, yet sensitive, caring and compassionate. I connect to her love of culture and the artistry of her country. Ilana has a museum in Jaffa, and it was there where I first felt the emotional impact of her work. (The building is a story onto itself: a 250 year old structure originally build as hostel for Jewish Pilgrims.) Completely self-taught, Ilana is an artist in the truest sense. She eats, breathes and sleeps her passion, and her works reflects it. Her vision is spectacular. I personally own so much of her work and am always looking to collect more.

All my love,