Donna’s Journal


How am I feeling about the collection? I’m so nervous! It doesn’t seem to matter how many years I’ve done this, how many runways have been awaiting yet another finished collection… I still question whether we’ll get it done. The amazing thing is, we always do.

Being in the design room is hard to describe. You know, it’s sort of every designer’s dream and nightmare all at the same time. It’s almost like a birthing room… there is a nervousness, an anticipation. No matter how many times you’ve done it before, you’re still anxious about birthing a new baby. This is the design room: it is its own ecosystem and while you’re in that sacred space you know you’re simply a channel co-creating with inspiration.

Though, it’s certainly an equitable exchange. With each collection I, too, am reborn. After all these years, every season and collection remains a redefinition of self. It is always a continuation, always a surprise, and there are never any guarantees.

I consistently feel like I am starting from the beginning. But, I have to say, I’m proud of my design team – their visions and the unique lens they’re bringing to our collective creations is beyond. I am very confident in the foundation of this collection: the body is back. People ask me how I keep finding new inspiration… but it’s the body, it’s always the body. The body talks to me. There is a language there and I’m constantly trying to speak it, to fluently engage with it. Proportions change, volumes change, and a subtle movement – a stroke of grace, a strike of power – can express something that is entirely new.

I’ve been enormously inspired by my husband’s exhibition, seeing his work on display in his studio has, truly, shaped this collection. I’m seeing, again, the way he sculpted the body… the curve of a neck, the arch of a back… my hand follows these lines when I’m draping, recreates those curves in a seam; I, too, am sculpting the body through my own artistic expression. In this way, Stephan and I are still working in tandem. We will always come together through art – then, now, forever.