Donna’s Journal



BIOGRAPHY | Cindy’s true calling is in embracing children and helping those in need. She is first and foremost a devoted mother to her three children, and has committed herself to reaching out to kids all over the country. In 1992, Cindy was made aware of an emerging charity based in Aspen, Colorado called A Grassroots Aspen Experience. The non-profit endeavor brought youth at risk from all over the United States to Aspen for empowerment exercises, mentoring and counseling. Cindy and Glenn raised awareness and monies for the charity through fundraisers, lectures and concerts. Cindy served on the board of Grassroots for five years. She has also been instrumental in raising awareness and giving support to Lupus LA. Lupus has been raging through our population of young women, cutting short the opportunity for them to reach their full potential. Often it targets the very driven woman who has so much to give. Lupus LA has been a front-runner in the fight to cure this disease by raising funds for research and supporting patients.

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