Donna’s Journal


This weekend brought one of my favorite nights of the year – the office Christmas Party! I work with some of the most creative and inspired people and I love celebrating with them over the holidays (especially when they surprise me with things like a festive, competitive holiday-themed fashion show!)

While I absolutely love the holidays, I can’t believe they’re upon us again and another year has gone by in the blink of an eye. I truly appreciate the reflective quality of this season. As I think about the year we’re closing and the new chapter we’re beginning I am certainly filled with a lot of gratitude. I am wishing all of you so much love, laughter, joy and happiness as you bring your loved ones together for the holidays. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the ones who are most precious to you.

As I prepare for another year, I find myself thinking a lot about balance – I think it’s the Libra in me. But, honestly, my wish for my own life and my wish for all of you is that 2013 is a year where we find the peace of balance; balance in our bodies, our families, the world. I believe this quality of balance is what leads to finding the calm within the chaos – a goal of mine that has become even more important to me over this last year.

2012 has been a big year and I’ve learned a lot. Perhaps what I’ve learned most of all is that we need to appreciate the value of each and every day, because there is no guarantee of the next. Cultivate time for the things that bring you joy and remind you of your highest and most authentic self – the world needs this from you. And, when it comes to giving (something we’re all thinking about at this time of the year), make sure you’re giving with heart.

May the days ahead be filled with love, light and every good blessing.