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BIOGRAPHY | Laura Sage is the Co-Founder of The Lynn Sage Foundation, a Chicago-based breast cancer research foundation, dedicated to eradicating breast cancer. The Lynn Sage Foundation was established by Laura and her sister, Halee, in honor of their mother, Lynn, who passed away from breast cancer in 1984. The Lynn Sage Foundation provides $200,000 over two years to promising researchers in the hopes that they can accumulate enough data to secure larger grants in the future. As Laura explains, “it’s similar to a venture capital model.” Laura is also a Director at Castle Creek Arbitrage, a Chicago and London based hedge fund and a member of The Economic Club of Chicago.

"My sister and I know the personal impact of breast cancer. The day our mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 34 our lives were profoundly changed. Five years later, when our mother passed away we were ages 13 and 11 respectively – too young to comprehend how we would forever be impacted. This is the cause we inherited; one that is extremely personal and painstakingly too common. We work tirelessly so other women, mothers, their families and friends will not share similar experiences to our own. Since our mother’s death we have been raising funds in her honor with a goal of eradicating this horrible disease." - Laura Sage

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