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Love, love, loved my weekend at Art Basel. Witnessing the artistic brilliance and just the sheer quantity of creativity out there from every dimension and perspective was amazing.

There are so many highlights to share with you. I loved visiting the Rubell Museum and the incredibly artistic Wynwood Art Walk, which is an industrial area just outside of the design district that’s covered with Graffiti art, fabulous restaurants and some of the best galleries in Miami. I also had a chance to also visit the Nadar gallery, a Latin American and Modern art Gallery that boasts an extraordinary collection of masters- from Warhol to Picasso. Absolutely mind blowing!

I think if I had to choose my favorite exhibition I would say that I loved the street art most. I’ve always loved art that develops a community and, to me, this is what street art does.

Artist Peter Tunney ended up being my dynamic tour guide for most of the weekend. Peter, David Belle and I hit the streets to explore and to celebrate Peter’s Gratitude Project. The experience made me feel like a little kid again… young, childlike and playful. I love that art can take you there and as a designer it is so important for me to tap into this side of myself.

I had a ton of fun at my book signing at the Delano pool. It was a collaborative afternoon with ACRIA to connect the dots between art, healthcare and culture (Trust me, there are a lot of connections to be made in Miami!!). I saw so many friends and loved being in the sunshine, soaking up all kinds of inspiration while sharing my great inspiration: Stephan and his life as an artist.

I, of course, had an amazing time catching up with Calvin Klein at his gorgeous home where he hosted a lovely dinner under the stars for Kelly to celebrate the release of her book, “Pools.” It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my friends Ingrid Sischy and Sandy Brandt, Stefano Tonchi and a fun mixture from art and fashion communities. We kept the fun going at Andres Balazs’ new club called Chez Andre - we sang rock and roll Karaoke and danced the night away.

But you know, just having some time off, being with my soul and connecting with creativity was more than just inspiring, it was a healing experience for me. As a creative person, I have absolutely learned that you can offer more and create at the highest level when you feel whole and nourished on a soul level. For me, art is a huge part of this experience.

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