Item: 821841

Singing Bowl I


In the Himalayas it is believed the sound and vibrations generated from a singing bowl soothe the soul, invoke a deep state of relaxation, and recharge and balance one's chi - life force or energy system. It is an ancient belief, grounded in yoga philosophy, bridging generations and continents. In a small village in Nepal, skilled artisans patiently shape each singing bowl. Six of the earth's precious metals - tin, copper, silver, iron, zinc and gold - come together in exquisite harmony.

Bring the ancient Tibetan tradition of healing to your home with this handcrafted Donna Karan singing bowl. Stir the striker around the bowl's outer edge, strike the bowl gently, then close your eyes. Experience the sound and the vibrations as one.

  • Size I (ranges from I - VII) has a diameter of 4 3/4"
  • Made by Lenox; Imported